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NewsMix Launches its Brand New Design and Features!

NewsMix is always tending to provide the best experience with its social magazine. Taking your need into account, NewsMix has changed its looks and suggests you to discover its new design ! The latter, more refined, offers a smooth and pleasant reading experience of your favorite news.

But that's not all: this new interface also enables you to follow the latest news thanks to more than 2,000 News Playlists, with topics as diverse as Marvel, Tech, Food or Sports. So there is something for everyone! And if you don’t find what you are looking for, it is always possible to create your own News Playlists by using your favorite sources from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Indeed NewsMix is not only a reading application, but it allows you to easily curate people and sources, and to share your content.

Another great innovation is the possibility to share your News Playlists or favorite articles through social media posting assistant Buffer. This new feature makes it easier to share NewsMix content when your readers are the most likely to get it.

Last but not least, the iPad/iPhone NewsMix app has also been improved based on users' feedback. Just like the web version, the app provides the sharing feature in Buffer. In addition, there is now a better management of updates, the possibility to rearrange News Playlists on the Home page, and numerous small improvements which will undoubtedly enhance your overall experience of NewsMix.

Happy reading!



NewsMix app available with more than 100 French playlists

NewsMix is pleased to announce that it evolves into a local service by adapting to the French market in particular. Indeed, NewsMix which was previously a global service, decided to localize its business in all European countries in order to offer its unique experience of reading content from social media to the greatest number of users. France, which is the first country to benefit from the localized iPhone and iPad app, is a market particularly active in the field of information and social networks. A growing number of French newspapers, athletes, celebrities or bloggers are present on Twitter and Facebook. They represent a privileged source for the creation of thematic playlists.

The new application has obviously been fully translated and has an interface in French. But the real novelty lies in its localized content! NewsMix provides its users content tailored to their interests, with more than one hundred selected and varied playlists in French, such as Vins, Actualité, Présidentielles 2012 or Football Ligue 1.

Feel free to create and share your own playlists in French ... or in any other language! You can also send us your best playlists, and we may publish it in the top of suggested playlists.

With NewsMix, experience social media like never before!



NewsMix meets Pinterest


Are you among the many ones who started pinning pictures into boards? Well, if so, we have some great news for you! As we constantly work to please you more and more, it was obvious we should do something with Pinterest. This is why we have added it to our sources, allowing you not only to pin what you discover directly from NewsMix, but also to add users or boards of pictures to your lists (which means, for those of you who are not familiar with this service yet, you don't need a Pinterest account to make such lists).

We like to think of what we do as music playlists, which people make themselves, according to their tastes. This new step takes us even closer to this idea, as it is now possible to read and share not only news, articles and tweets (Twitter search has also been added to the search, so that it’s even easier to search and mix Twitter sources), but also images of true quality, be it on travels, cupcakes, gardens or any topic of interest. What’s more, this release truly enhances images and media content, as they often speak for themselves.

You will also be able to discover the best sources on a theme with unique lists of social streams, that is, what is being shared by brands and people, be it journalists, experts, celebrities, or just anyone who has something to say. Whether you want to subscribe to others' lists or make yours, it has never been easier to get your own, personalized newsstand.

As of today, experience social media like never before!



The NewsMix Team


NewsMix Introduces Its Channel Creation Tool

Over the past years, the news industry has become more and more social. As we see it, however, this is no sustainable trend, since one’s online communities cannot always be relevant and comprehensive. With NewsMix, we are seeking to solve this issue by striking the right balance between traditional and social media – through the NewsMix channels.

The NewsMix channels are composed of social feeds (Facebook Pages, Twitter users and/or Twitter lists) and bring together opinion leaders who have first-hand knowledge of a given domain. The result is an ever-updating channel that allows you to get at a glance the news that is relevant to you.

We started with a set of twenty ready-to-read channels on a variety of topics, which we then expanded on a regular basis (we now have some 500 channels). As of today, however, each and every one of you will be able to create your own channels based on your interests. But that’s not all: you will also be able to share and rate your own and others’ channels to help your friends get relevant, valuable news.

This new version (which is available both on the web and inside Facebook) also brings many improvements in terms of design, making NewsMix even more engaging.

The iPad and iPhone applications have been updated as well, so as to reflect the new channels.

We hope you will enjoy these new versions of NewsMix and look forward to getting your feedback. Happy reading!


NewsMix is available on the web, inside Facebook and on the Apple App Store (free iPhone / iPad application).


Redesigned, NewsMix Goes iPhone

Over the past months, our focus has been on improving the design, performances and experience of our application NewsMix. Now completely redesigned, the new version makes your experience smoother by allowing you to read your personalized newsstand on multiple platforms and devices. We already provided a web, Facebook, and iPad application. Today, however, NewsMix is going iPhone! No matter where you are, the hottest news is now only a tap away. This new application has been thought and designed to match the iPad version, so that switching from one app to the other, from your home computer or tablet to your mobile phone, will be seamless.

Also new, we now offer a set of news playlists – or compilations –, which round up all the most important sources for a topic. These sources are real people; the information thus comes straight from the horse’s mouth. As for now, we have created twenty of these ready-to-read playlists, and this on a variety of topics (ranging from news to sports through travel, food, politics, etc.).

Visit the Apple App Store to download the latest NewsMix application or simply check Happy news discovering!