Pop-up windows

When connecting to a service (such as Twitter, Facebook or MySpace), a pop-up window should appear in your browser so that you can safely enter your credentials. If nothing happens, it means that you first need to allow pop-up windows. The pop-up window contains fields belonging to the service you want to add in sobees for you to enter your credentials. The advantage of this method is that you never give us your password, you make a login on the service you want to connect and this service sends an authorization to sobees.

Following is a small user guide to help you do it depending on your browser.

  • Google Chrome

At the bottom right of your screen a message says that a pop-up is blocked.

Click on it to authorize the pop-up window.

Then enter your credentials to connect to the service.

Once you are done, simply click on the button to close the window.

Note: when using Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, the end of the connection process is the same as the one explained above for Google Chrome.

  • Safari

When using Safari, click on the option menu located at the top right and deselect “Block Pop-up windows”.

This will enable windows for you to enter your credentials.

  • Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer, the blocked pop-ups appear at the top left of the window.

Click on “Always allow pop-ups from this site…” and confirm by clicking on “Yes” to be able to enter your session.

  • Firefox

By default, Firefox blocks pop-up windows. It will however notify you whenever it does so by displaying the bar you can see on the screen shot above.

Click on Show and the pop-up window will be displayed.