Multiple status update

This is an option, which you will probably love and use a lot! It helps you tell all your Twitter, Facebook and MySpace friends what you are doing, in a single status update.

You can do it very easily by following these few steps:

Click on “Update my status on multiple services”. This will open a window.


Enter your text, choose one or more service(s) and hit Send.

After that, click on Close this window if you want to go back to the application.

Note 1:  your status updates on MySpace won’t be visible in sobees. You need to go to MySpace in order to see them.

Note 2: for now, this service is limited to text sharing. In addition, you can only write 140 character-long updates, so that it will fit in any service. If you want to enjoy advanced functionalities, please use the status update of each specific service.