NewsMix for Facebook is Now Available

Whether you are enjoying NewsMix or haven’t tried it yet, here is something you should be interested in: the launch of NewsMix for Facebook. As of today, you won’t have to endlessly scroll down the Facebook homepage not to miss important posts anymore: using your Facebook “Likes” as well as your friends’, we will provide you with the information that matters to you in a beautiful, cutting-edge design. You will thus be able to access your NewsMix on any device, and interact directly through our app. But that’s not all: you will also be able to visit and read your friends’ NewsMix to discover new information, no matter whether they also use our application or not. With NewsMix, every Facebook user has a personal magazine ready and waiting based on their interests.

Here are the main functionalities you will enjoy:

  • Find out more about your likes and those of your friends
  • Get news, photos and videos posted by the Facebook Pages you like in just one place
  • Read your friends’ own NewsMix
  • Browse the Pages your friends like on Facebook to explore and discover new information
  • Like Pages directly from the application
  • Share articles on Facebook

This Facebook application of NewsMix is another step to making NewsMix a Digital Newsstand of choice, so you never have to leave NewsMix no matter what platform, device or social network you use.

To access the free NewsMix for Facebook application, simply click here:



NewsMix – A Unique Digital Newsstand Now Available In Your Browser

We are happy to announce the release of a brand new version of NewsMix – Our iPad news application was to work as a personalized iPad magazine. But today, with the new version, we are taking NewsMix to the next level by providing not only a social magazine, but a whole cross platform digital newsstand which brings YOU into the center stage.

This new version of NewsMix not only displays your Twitter updates right into NewsMix but it also lets you subscribe to newspapers and blogs and to Twitter users to read their Tweets, Twitter Favorites and personal mix of news (MyMix). All this in a neat, beautifully designed HTML5 webpage – This application will particularly benefit publishers and curators, who will be able to publish their Tweets together with any other article they set their eyes upon and think is worth reading and sharing. Surely, discovering and sharing news has never been easier! NewsMix offers a cutting-edge way to get the news and information that really matter to you, no matter whether you are on your iPad or on the Web.

Using the MyMix functionality, users could already view and share a selection of their favorite articles on the web – a somewhat limited feature, for NewsMix remained an iPad-only application. From now on, however, the application will be available to each and every one of you – regardless of whether you have the iPad application or not. As for now, the web application is free, but we plan on implementing a premium version in the foreseeable future.

The online version of NewsMix offers the following main features:

  • Subscribe to personalized magazines shared by your friends, blogs and newspapers or to topics of interest
  • Browse others’ magazines
  • Add any article to your personal magazine (MyMix)
  • Add content from your browser into your MyMix by using the bookmarklet
  • Share PDF versions of magazines via email
  • Share articles and magazines on Twitter and/or Facebook
  • Send out your personal weekly magazine via Twitter

To register, read and share news go to or visit the Apple iPad app store (the iPad application will be upgraded within the next weeks to keep up with the Web version). Enjoy!



Here is an update to our iPad application NewsMix

Here is an update to our iPad application NewsMix by sobees – and a meaningful one. There has been a great deal of improvements and we implemented new features, the major of which is the possibility to read and share your magazine on the web!


We already offered our NewsMix users the possibility to pick and choose their favorite articles and view them in a separate section. A section which they can now access on the web as well! The website – which uses HTML5 and is optimized for all browsers including mobile devices and iPads – brings NewsMix to a new level: it is the first application which offers aggregation together with semantic enrichment and sharing/read it later functionalities. The website is available at As an example, you can check out François’ NewsMix or Vincent’s NewsMix

For the webpage, beside the traditional Twitter and/or Facebook sharing options, we partnered with Joliprint ( in order to provide PDF magazines as well. That way, any reader will be able to get a PDF magazine directly from the website, whether it be for offline reading of or to keep/share articles.

This new release also includes a larger array of background pictures for your home page, the possibility to update your status on both Twitter and Facebook simultaneously and the addition of thumbnails in the Photos and Videos sections. In addition, we improved the performances of the app as well as the categorization process.

Lastly, the price of the application has been lowered to $ 0.99 as we will move to a subscription model in the next release – happy downloading!


NewsMix by sobees – The Latest News Is Only a Tap Away

We are really excited to announce the release of our brand new iPad application: NewsMix by sobees – your own, unique social magazine.

This new application has been thought to suit your every need! It lets you mix and stay up-to-date both with your social media and with the world’s news, as well as share articles with your online community all this in a beautifully designed layout. NewsMix, powered by Sobees technology-platform, helps you find the information that is relevant and interesting for you. Check out the video below to get a foretaste of NewsMix.

The application lets you:

  • Create and Mix Your Magazine composed of your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds (Google Reader and feed search)
  • Read your magazine’s content in categories (links shared by several friends will only appear once!) or switch to the feed view to see the entire timeline
  • Create and choose your magazine cover page
  • Select and organize your favorite news topics
  • View photos and videos in separate sections
  • Comment and like Facebook posts, Reply, Retweet and Favorite Tweets or share articles on both Twitter and Facebook simultaneously
  • Send articles to your Instapaper
  • Share articles by e-mail

NewsMix is available on the Apple iPad App Store at the price of $2.99
newsmix caps 2

Do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions; we can’t wait to hear what you think! Thanks for your continued support and… have fun!


sobees lite for Facebook update

Here is an update to our iPad application sobees lite for Facebook!

For this new version, we redesigned the home page and comments view, making it even easier for you to get the important facts quickly!

The home page has also been improved in terms of data: it now displays more videos than before and provides you with additional pieces of information regarding the links your friends posted.

Brand new is also the possibility for you to browse your friends pictures directly when viewing the profile page.

In addition, we worked on bugs and fixes we had been reported.

Please remember that sobees lite for Facebook is a feature-limited application. Should you want to enjoy Facebook chat, places and more or be able to keep up with your notifications, we recommend you have a look at our other Facebook only iPad application, sobees My Friends.