New Help section

Starting today, we now provide you with an up-to-date Help section for bDule and sobees web (in addition to the sobees one which was already available)! We just published the 2 first articles: While implementing services and features of a high level, we aim to create a user experience as easy as possible. Therefore, we obviously think a lot about our future development, and the way we could “keep it simple”, but we also wanted to provide additional support. This is why we are publishing this new Help today. We will be adding articles regularly based on your questions and comments.

Update: 4 more articles have just been added:

Facebook integrated in sobees web

We launched our web-based Twitter/Real-Time Search client sobees web about two weeks ago, and we already have really exciting news to share with you: Facebook has been integrated in sobees web! Read your news feed, update your status, comment and like your friends’ activities: to make it short, you can now get almost the same experience you had with our Windows only application bDule, which has been recognized by many users as having the best Facebook integration. Isn’t that great?

In addition to this integration, we continued the general development of sobees web in order to bring a few enhancements and fix the issues some of you reported (by the way, thanks for your feedback, which are really helpful for us when considering the improvement of the application).

NB: Make sure that you enable/check your pop-ups when connecting to Facebook for the first time with sobees web.


New bDule update: groups management and @auto-complete (

Since the launch of bDule’s last update, a few users reported issues regarding their Facebook connection and the general performances of the application. So, here is a new version! We decided to focus on improving the quality, since our aim is to move into beta soon.
However, we nonetheless continued the development of bDule, and are adding four new great features today:
  • Group management (it now displays the full list of your friends and gives you the possibility to modify existing groups by adding/deleting a person, etc)
  • @auto-complete (please note that you have the possibility to navigate through the names of your friends thanks to the up and down arrows)
  • Filter (which can be activated in the settings)
  • Manual save of your settings (this feature enables you to transfer your settings manually from one computer to another one, since we are still working on an automatic way to manage it)

In addition, we worked on many bugs and enhancements, so the major issues some of you encountered (as mentioned above) should now be fixed!
As usual, we welcome your feedback regarding this new update.



We just released a quick fix to the columns sizing issue . If you upgrade from, all settings are safely taken over.

Sorry about this new update, we just want to make sure that you have the best possible experience while using bDule.

bDule maintenance release

bDule got a great update last Friday (read our previous blog post). Unfortunately this version had 2 issues: the settings were not correctly taken over during the upgrade and there was an issue with the cursor positioning when writing a new Tweet, the latest issue is due to the automatic signature. This update fixes these issues and makes sure that following updates will keep your settings; for this current update, we are really sorry but you will have to configure your services again.

Sorry about this and thanks for your great support.